COVID-19 Statement

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To our wonderful patients and families,

We are nearly open again! While we are ready to open our doors and hug each of you as you run back to our offices, we have some guidelines our governing bodies have set forth to protect each of you and our team as well that we are putting in place. These new safety protocols will make things look very different as you arrive for appointments, so we want to go through them with you to help put your mind at ease in terms of your safety and so you and your family are well prepared for what you will see when you return.

First, you will notice a check-in table at the entrance to our building. Anyone entering the building is required to have their temperature checked and answer a few questions relating to Covid-19 symptoms or exposure. Those with a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or with any “yes” answers to any of the questions will kindly be asked to reschedule their appointment at least 14 days later. In addition, all persons entering the building are required by the state guidelines to wear a self-supplied mask or facial covering.

Second, any patient age 18 or older is asked to enter alone. Patients under age 18 may have 1 parent or guardian enter with them, but it is preferred that, when possible, only the patient enter. Siblings and other family members must remain in the vehicle or outside the building The new guidelines ask that only a patient enter the clinical areas of the office, so the one accompanying parent/guardian may remain in the waiting area so long as 6 feet (social distancing) is maintained. We understand there are special circumstances in which young children and patients with special needs will need a parent or guardian with them in the clinical areas, and we will accommodate these circumstances if you can simply alert our front desk when needed.

We will ask all patients upon entering the clinic to wash their hands and rinse with mouthwash. Our team will be outfitted with the appropriate protective equipment, as outlined in our new safety guidelines, to ensure your safety as well as their own.

Please assume anything that was scheduled prior to this week for appointments from now through June will need to be rescheduled. We are working to contact everyone to give you a new appointment date as quickly as we can, but if you have not heard from us by May 8 go ahead and give us a call. We are bringing back patients who have been without care/supervision the longest first, as well as emergencies, and will move forward in scheduling in this manner.

These new safety guidelines were prepared by the Kentucky Board of Dentistry and the Kentucky Dental Association based on the most current and best scientific evidence available. They were approved by Governor Andy Beshear and the commissioner for Kentucky Department of Public Health, Dr. Steven Stack, in order for dental offices to continue providing care for patients, and were engineered to protect you as the patient (and your family members) as well as our team of health care providers. While they may seem strict or even alarming, it is our hope that your awareness of them will better prepare you and your family to return to our offices and feel safe. At this time, your safety is our highest priority, so it is critical that we all adhere to these protocols.

We are so grateful to each of you for your kindness and patience with our team as we work through this together. We know this has been, at minimum, an inconvenience, but likely much more than that for each of you, and we are confident we can get everyone back on track with their individual treatment plans quickly and efficiently with your continued support.


Dr. Michael Buchart and Dr. Lucy Wachs

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