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Orthodontist Lexington

First Visit

We are always excited to meet new patients on their first visit. Your initial appointment will consist of a thorough examination and a discussion of potential treatments. This important 1-hour visit will give us insight into your orthodontic needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my family dentist schedule my appointment with the orthodontist or do I? What will I learn from the initial exam? How long does treatment last? These are common questions we hear from our patients. Check our FAQ to learn more.

Oral Hygiene

With braces in place, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the length of your treatment. Braces, wires, bands and retainers can all trap food particles and make it difficult to brush or floss away plaque.

Common Problems

Problems with teeth or jaw structure not fitting properly can cause speech difficulty, premature wear of the teeth and protective enamel and even increase the chance of injury to teeth and jaw joints if left untreated.

Emergency Orthodontics

There are very few true orthodontic emergencies. Most problems can be remedied at home. However, if you have a situation that you cannot resolve on your own, call us as soon as possible so we can fit you in for a repair appointment.

Make a Payment

Buchart+Wachs Orthodontics utilizes a secure, online payment system provided by CardPointe HPP, a service. All you need is your invoice number, customer number, total amount due, and a credit/debit card.

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